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Learn To Sail

SLMASC offers a range of different classes for varying experience levels with a strong emphasis on fun and safe sailing. All classes are on sunday mornings between 9am and 12pm.

Season will start with a sign-up and sailing fun day October 16th and lessons and racing to commence October 23rd.


This Season will consist of 3 groups:





Learn to Sail

Which is open to new kids wanting to try sailing and returning Learn to Sail kids that need more time in the boat before moving into the next group.

  • Ages from 8+
  • It will start at 9:30-10:45 on Sunday mornings






Adventure Racing

This group is for the more experienced Learn to Sail kids that aren't ready to move into the Opti Racing Group, or kids that are looking to still improve their sailing skills while having fun adventure type sailing sessions.  

  • It will start at 11-12:30 on Sunday Mornings.





Opti Racing

This group is for the more experienced Opti sailors that are looking to learn racing tactics, more advanced boat handling skills and might start travelling to events.

  • This group starts at 11am to 12.30 on Sunday Mornings.
  • You must be ready on the water at 11am.




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