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FOR SALE “Long Shot



0438 734 107

FOR SALE “Etchell stays (caps) and lowers with on water adjusters

$250 for the set

Steven Bull


FOR SALE “125 PLUMBOB no. 2881

TImber boat built by Trevor Larance (sister boat to rush hour) Good condition.

Not used for 13 years.

Hardly used set of Tru Flo sails.

Spare mast and boom.

Registered Trailer.

New cradle.

Located 5 minutes from sunshine.

Contact Ian McCrudden 0400232828


Very light use, in great condition. Zou Marine Hull with blue airbags, Harken race blocks, Marlow race ropes, one green and one red bailer, two blue paddles, yellow floating tow rope, white foils and new padded foil bag, deck cover, dolly, Ozi Opti Sliver Regatta Spars, training sail, wind-indicator. Measurement book. Unregistered with AIODA so you’ll get the latest sail number. This boat will take your sailor through their Opti sailing years. Perfect as is for Green Fleet racing.

Upgrade to Intermediate fleet with a new sail. Upgrade to Open fleet with new spars.

Great price at $2600 delivered to the club.

Contact Laura on: 0473 026 445


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